Choosing Tactical Gear for Hiking and Camping

Seasoned hikers often make a weekend of it, finding a spot to camp so they can continue on their journey even longer. Those who plan on hiking and camping thereafter need to have the right tactical gear available to make the trip a success. Some old clothes, tattered boots, and a thin tent won’t work well.

Tactical Light

Not just any flashlight should be brought along on a hiking trip. A tactical light offers various settings for both high and low lighting, as well as strobe lighting. It also doubles as a weapon which could come in handy when hiking alone.

Tactical Knife

It’s impossible to know if a knife will be needed while camping. It could be used as a weapon or simply to sharpen some sticks used for roasting food over a fire. Whatever the reason, it’s still a good idea to bring one along. A tactical knife offers some advanced features over other options, such as rapid deployment, a secure storage system, and built-in options like bottle openers and screwdrivers.

Hydration Packs

Water will be one of the most necessary things on an extended hiking trip. Not only will the exercise take a lot out of a person, but it will leave people thirsty. Having a hydration pack that easily fits over the back and provides plenty of water. A tactical option not only provides the water space, but also has additional storage for necessary gear.

Antimicrobial Boot Socks

The feet can get extremely sweaty while out on a hike. While there are some moisture-wicking options available at the store, these are often low-grade and won’t have the same affect over time. Tactical level antimicrobial boot socks use a special fiber that keeps bacteria away. They work to regulate temperature, eliminate foot odor, and prevent blisters. They’re the ideal socks for all men and women to start wearing during any physical activity that involves long time periods.

Choose all gear and tactical clothing based on the needed use. While hiking and camping, some specific things will come in handy, like the right lighting. Most of this stuff can also be used while on the job, giving it double duty and making it even more worthwhile to purchase.