Buying Glasses Online The Pros and Cons

Low Prices

The lower cost of ordering prescription glasses online is one of the many things that leads most people to this article. Those that are selling these products don’t have all the expenses that those running a brick and mortar store do.

The electric bill is cheaper, there are less employees to pay, and the overall cost is significantly less. This allows companies to sell these products a lot cheaper than professionals that are in a brick and mortar store.

Less Personal

If a person is buying prescription glasses online in the UK, they aren’t going to get that personal experience like they would in the store. They won’t be able to ask a sales associate for opinions, or even if this colour looks good with their hair.

Not being able to do this can make things more complicated and stressful for an indecisive person.

More Selection

When a person orders their prescription glasses online in the UK, they can enjoy a wider selection than they would normally get. They will have access to thousands of different styles of frames and hundreds of different colours.

If a person wants a pair of purple frames, they will only have one or two styles to choose from at their eye practitioner’s office. On the internet, they will have hundreds to choose from. Styles are also available in a wider selection of colours.

Can’t Try Them On

When a person orders prescription glasses online, they can’t try them on. This is great for a person that is confident in what they want, but it can also turn out badly. For example, the pair of frames may be smaller than what they thought they were.

This can also be a disaster if a person is trying to buy a specific pair of frames for their face shape. For example, if a person wants a pair that makes their face look more rounded or more square, they might not get the results that they want.

You Can Return Them

Having to return ones that were ordered from the internet in the UK may be less convenient, but it does guarantee that a person will not be stuck with a pair of frames that is not flattering. Most businesses have some sort of return policy, which is definitely a good thing.

Customers are encouraged to double check the return policy before ordering their new frames. They may have to pay shipping and handling in order to return them.

You Have to Measure the Pupil

In order to make sure that the prescription glasses are the correct fit, customers will need to measure their pupils before they order them in the UK. This can be difficult for some people. It can also seem impossible.

Some patients opt to have a professional do this part, and then they use their measurements to order their frames. This can be done by visiting a professional to get the proper measurements, and then simply declining the option to purchase the frames from them.

Overall, the choice of whether or not to order these or get them from a brick and mortar store depends on several factors. Customers need to consider whether they are happy with the selection and price of what their eye doctor has, whether a business on the internet accepts their insurance, and so on before making their final decision.

There are plenty of people that are unhappy with doing this on a computer, but there are also thousands of people that enjoy the low cost and convenience that this method offers.